Wonder Woman Rumored to Make Appearance on The Flash Movie

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman in DCEU Version of Iron Man Robert Downey Jr

Pictures and DC Entertainment to replace Ben Affleck as Batman within the narrative structure of the DC Extended Universe without shaking things up too much.

Warner Bros. just made it official.

Wonder Woman has been one of the most successful DC films in the recent years.

The movie Man of Steel wasn't exactly the movie they wanted to launch. I suppose it depends on how big they want to go in scope. When a CIA agent Bill Pope (played by Ryan Reynolds) is tortured to death by a Spanish anarchist, CIA's Quaker Wells (played by Gary Oldman) arranges for a criminal played by Kevin Costner whose brain can be implanted with the memories of the murdered CIA agent.

A recent article by Forbes suggests Warner Bros.is aiming to release Flashpoint in 2020.

Plan shift with any of these massive franchises, as the money rolls in. You think the DCEU audience is ready for an alternate universe story? Wonder Woman II is expected to start filming by 2018.

But Gal Gadot's fans would still love one of her films before she went mainstream in Patty Jenkins directorial Wonder Woman. The name was first introduced in a colossal DC event written by Geoff Johns, imagining what the DC Universe would look like if Barry Allen had never gotten superspeed, and never become The Flash. Iron Man in the Marvel movies. Starring Adrianne Palicki, the show envisioned a modern-day "Diana Themyscira" who "not only fought crime in contemporary Los Angeles but also was CEO of her own large corporation". This has been an amazing summer for actress Gal Gadot. She was supposed to unite her people with Aquaman and Atlantis, but her mother Hippolyta was killed during the treaty.

Anyone that knows anything about the "Flashpoint" story from the comic arc it's inspired by will know that other superheroes figure prominently.

Jon Favreau was the director who was able to kick off the entire MCU run towards the making of The Avengers. While that certainly doesn't make the character immune to experiencing moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, this rendition of her seemed to completely lose sight of what's important after having her ideals challenged, becoming overwhelmed, and leaving her male compatriots to risk their lives for their cause. This was done instead of launching solo movies.

Let me state a fact that Wonder Woman is The Breakout celebrated star of the DCEU.