How to Get Android O and How to Install It

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In Developer Beta 4 this change remains, but the battery percentage text has been made darker. The new update is Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) approved on the supported devices we listed above, so if an application depends on a CTS approved build then it should work with this new update.

The latest developer build of Android 8.0 brings a lot of bug fixes and a host of improvements for enhancing the stability. Also, unlike other Android O previews' Easter Eggs, this one does not even have O logo in the background. The popular choice for Android O seems to be Android Oreo. It's also expected to reduce Android fragmentation. Secondly, it is Android "O" and Octopus has the same initials too. This is the final preview before the stable version is unveiled later in 2017.

It's said to have all of the bells and whistles in place, meaning that it's the smoothest, most efficient version of O yet.

Earlier developer previews have already revealed much of features which would become a part of the official final release of Android O. The notable inclusions in the feature set are Notification Channels, Picture-In-Picture, Autofill, Adaptive Icons, multi-display support, etc. This is largely why software updates take different lengths of time to reach different devices. Today the company shared an early look at TensorFlow Lite, an upcoming project based on TensorFlow, Google's open source machine learning library.

Contextual press-to-act options - I'm looking forward to this one. Or maybe Google is trying to troll us. It's doable, but it's difficult. For the ones who are enrolled in the Android Beta Program and are waiting for OTA update, it will be rolled in a few days. With a bitrate of up to 990Kbps, LDAC promises to be close to lossless audio codec quality. So, what's the deal with this Octopus? For example, I can tell at a glance on my Samsung Galaxy S7 that I have 17 unread messages in my email.

Android fans with a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Nexus Player (or if you're happy using the Android Emulator) can now try out Android O Developer Preview 4. Yes, let's ignore those inbox messages for now.